Starting Anew

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

So when I said I wanted to change stuff I really meant it.

So let’s be blunt…

I did not really like the old site. The reason I innitialy chose Blogger because… okay I chose it because it was the easiest option for me. What this ended up meaning was that the site looked bad and despite my best efforts I couldn’t really make it look good. On top of this re-reading the existing articles I thought they were pretty bad.

So the plan is to self-destruct the old site and start anew here. On top of that I’m “rebranding” from the cardfight experience to cardfight-EXP it’s a little change but I think it does a lot to reflect the kind of changes I want to make why?  Because I thought the first name was kind of pretentious and overall I just didn’t like it. This doesn’t mean I’m ditching the idea of people sharing their experience it’s just less of a focus now.

So please enjoy the new site I’m hoping to get a new article up within the coming days and thanks to everyone who has supported the site up to now.


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