Comparing Chronojets

I was originally going to write a single card analysis but this was more interesting.


Chronojet Dragon, the face of gear chronicle and also the first strider to get an alternate form in Chronojet Dragon G (Was that really the best they could come up with).

Now this article isn’t about which one to run (the answer to that is both) it’s more about what situations each Chronojet is good at.

Stride Bonus

So let’s start at looking at the stride bonuses. Original Jet spins an opposing unit to the bottom of the deck whereas Jet G can call a unit from hand and timeleap it but only when striding a gear dragon or zodiac.

Chronojet G allows you to fix your field and set-up for the various combos gear chronicle has so long as you have a grade 1 or 0 in your hand or on your field (Bonus points for Ur-Watar) however it does not work with Mettalica Phoenix which is probably the card that most wants combo set-up. Despite this Chronojet G adds an amzing level of consistency to an already consistent deck and allowing you to fix your field for no cost at all is nothing to sneeze at.


Oldschool Jet on the other hand has no race restriction and a more situational bonus, for CB1 you get to spin a unit to the bottom of your opponents deck, this helps get rid of problematic rearguards such as Nurse of Broken Heart. This gives the deck a constant control aspect and helps against some problematic matchups (such as the aforementioned broken heart).

 Generation break 2 skills


In most decks your striders GB2 is somewhat irrelevant but thanks to Nextage it’s pretty important in gears.

Chronojet G gets raw power by gaining 5k for every 2 face up G-units (it also boosts zodiac rearguards but this is mostly irrelevant outside of the pure zodiac deck) whereas Old Jet opts for a tried and true grade 1 and up guard restrict from hand (with a 5k slapped on). Raw power vs guard restrict seems like it would favour the latter however the sheer numbers G can climb to means it often needs a PG to guard effectively which works well with Nextage. Again that doesn’t mean Jet’s guard restrict is worth overlooking as it can catch people of guard and is more effective early in the game when less G-units are flipped up.

In Conclusion

So each version has a lot of value personally I think the extra consistency added by Jet G makes it your go to ride but this doesn’t mean there’s no value in riding normal Jet or even that it’s a sub-optimal ride especially against decks that require specific rearguards. By using both you guarantee a good ride while also retaining the initial stride bonus and allows for more options than Balih did.

Although a lot of this info seems pretty obvious and I’m mostly going to be preaching to the choir here I thought it was worth talking about anyway and was more interesting than a regular single card analysis.

Thanks for reading.


This is also the last article before I take a break for the holidays so have a happy whatever you celebrate and hopefully you come back for the new year.


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