What actually happens to Overlord with Conroe back.

Well after a brief hiatus I’m back and to start things off I have my follow up to the previous article about Conroe.

It was announced soon after my publishing of that article that Conroe would be unrestricted in English and there was many cheers.


I think there is a lot of overhype for Conroe returning to the fray but it goes without saying that this improves the Overlord deck a lot in terms of consistency. Anyway without further ado let’s look at what this does.

Tech slots

So this is where I innitially praised Conroe a lot, the thing is I’m not sure it does much on this front with 1 key exception.

So in my previous article I mentioned the possibility of cutting a General Conroe to make a new tech slot. After some testing I no longer think this is a good idea.g-ld02-010en_sample

There’s a few reasons for this of course the magic word consistency is one of them but Conroe’s return has opened my eyes to an interesting quirk of Overlord.

A lot of our cards are consumables.

What do I mean by this? Well to me a consumable card is a card that requires itself to be discarded to use its skill, think spells from Mtg or Yu-gi-oh. Of course these units can be called to rearguard and used like any other card but their key uses lie in their skills. The two most notable “consumable” cards are the afore mentioned General Conroe and Lizard Soldier, Bellog.


My initial reaction when rebuilding with Conroe in mind was to cut both of these cards by 1 (2 Bellog 3 Gen Conroe) after playtesting I noticed that the big issue with doing this was that if I was forced to ride one of these guys I was left with 1 and 2 copies in deck respectively, account for damage and I could see games with 1 Conroe or no Bellogs. This is really bad especially since you do want to use these cards more than once. Having flexible use of Bellog and Conroe is essential to some games and by cutting down on the number of times I could use those skills I was damaging what my deck could do.

And while it’s to a lesser extent this also applies to other tech choices like Nadel.

Does this mean I think there isn’t space to put in 1 of techs? No but what it does mean is you have to be extra careful when doing it and make sure it’s the right meta call.

What about that exception you ask?

Over 9000

Remember when I talked about this guy?


With Conroe you can now very easily tech this guy into your trigger lineup for a nice defensive bonus. Conroe helps get around the anti-synergy with Nehalem as you can tutor for him now meaning you don’t need to hurt your trigger lineup to consistently draw into him. Seriously I’m in love with this card in the current meta it helps vs so many powerful matchups, having 10k more defense is nothing to sneeze at.

Consistency is key

I keep mentioning consistency and probably most of you already know what this is but just in case…

Consistency is in my opinion the most important thing in any deck that is being built for competetive purposes. To put it simply consistency is how well your deck works, low consistency your deck doesn’t work well, high consistency it’s working great. The more consistent your deck the more likely you will win.

This is the main reason Conroe is an auto-include in Overlord (and most other Kagero builds) he makes the deck so much more consistent and by extension this makes the deck more powerful.

Need a stride, search for fodder. High crit attack incoming, get a PG etc etc. This means that the deck is less likely to brick and you can win more often.

In summary

Basically don’t change your deck unless the meta really demands you to.

Cutting numbers to make space for fancy techs is risky business since you are hurting your consistency to do this. Conroe’s main purpose is to up the consistency of the build and while I’m disapointed that this wasn’t the revolution Kagero needed I can’t be surprised really.

oh and no Nouvelle is not good either

Thanks for reading.


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