FC2017 – Highlights



Well another year another fighters collection, this time with some interesting implications.

A quick summary for those of you living under rocks this fighters collection brings with it a new G-guard, Heal trigger and Generation break 8 stride.

So some very exciting stuff and probably one of the most hyped up sets of the year some for good reason.
So let’s look at the good the highlights from FC2017.


G-Guard and Heal


Lets start off strong.

If I was to declare the single biggest winner in this set it would be Narukami. Gaining both an incredibly powerful G-guard and obscene GB8, supplemented by a high utility heal.

Impede is Narukami’s answer to Griffin, upon guarding with it your opponent is forced to retire-bind a unit, and to supplement this skill it also has the potential to retire an extra unit if your opponent has at least 2 more rears than you. The first skill is obviously the important one granting Narukami a way to bind more units and remove attackers from the field, of course this is weaker if your opponent has more units as they still decide what gets hit. However this card still has massive utility and defensive implications. Both Vanquishers GB2 and Chain-bolt dragoon can be triggered by this skill giving your vanguard a defense boost on the opponents turn that can soak up attacks such as those offered by gear chronicle.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the heal, it has solid utility if you need CB and chances are you will be using impede so it’s almost a given that it should be run.

And I’ll just leave this little bonus here


“Put that coffee down”

If Voltage wasn’t enough for you Closer is here to seal the deal.

Before he even begins destroying lives he starts by wiping the entire field and then goes in for seconds by binding the entire drop zone.
After all this wanton destruction he then grants all units on your field +2k for every units in bind zone.

So the key issue closer has is that he self destructs your board which is an issue for Narukami as they don’t have an effective way to regenerate the board. Not that it matters calling even a trigger for closer to amp-up is effective. Hopefully by the time you reach GB8 you’re in a position to kill on this turn anyway so it shouldn’t matter too much regardless. Without a doubt this has to be the most powerful GB8 in the set easily outdoing even the higher level options in the set.

Thanks to impede and the mass retire Narukami is known for GB8 should be fairly easy for Narukami to reach and without a doubt Closer is a magnificent payoff for the effort.

Spike Brothers

G-Guard and Heal


Sorry for the bad quality of the images but credit to freedomduo for the scans.

Spikes likes soul, Linus gives soul. You can then spend that soul for some of the most important skills in the clan, namely Miracle ace and Mayhem.

G-guard Linus on the other hand offers some easy shield to help keep cards in hand for your turn.

Honestly I would love to go into more detail but I would just be parroting LivingProof so if you haven’t already please check out his stuff at livingproofvg.com and Youtube he has a full video on Linus here.

Hellhard Eight


One of my picks for top 3 GB8s in the set Hellhard is a card limited only by your hand size for a minimum of 3 attacks. Essentially this card is another shot a miracle ace after you’ve burned up your soul. Again I’ll direct you towards Proofs report here.

Sorry if it feels like a cop-out for me to direct you elsewhere for information but I can’t in good conscious repeat information that I wouldn’t have noticed myself. As a site I want to make sure the best possible information is passed on and as a result if I feel it nescesarry will direct readers elsewhere to get it.





This is a unit worth the name Daiking a unit guaranteed to kill if it hits. More importantly it then amps up the rears by 10k for each crit the king had.

Despite being a D-robo this skill is definitely far more useful in Gallop, D-robo doesn’t have overly threatening rears whereas Gallop on the other hand have bravest rush who will almost certainly gain his crit on a Daiking turn.

Daiking is definitely solid but the real issue is of course surviving to GB8 with D-police, the clan doesn’t have an overly effective defense and requires cards from hand to mount on the pressure so a GB8 kill turn is hard for them to reach. Still without a doubt Daiking is a card worth the effort.


Lacus Carina


Sorry star-vaders but this one is for messiah. Lacus has a lot of important utility especially against important decks such as sanc and rose. Not quite a Griffin for link joker but seeing as lock is essentially that anyway this is an excellent alternative.

After the fact you’re left with some locked units of your own, setting up for whatever flavour of messiah works best. Hell even though I said this one is really for messiahs (and it is) Star-vaders can take advantage of the set-up for an Amnesty play if they really wanted to.

The heal that goes with this guard isn’t half bad either offering a refund on the counterblast in exchange for soul, probably not the most effective as messiah has more important uses for soul but a nice option just in case.


Fight on

That’s it for today I plan on doing a seperate article for Kagero and Gear Chronicle as those two are my main area of expertise and I can cover them in much more detail. There are a few more cards worth looking at in the set but I feel like I’ve covered the most interesting ones here.
As always –

Thanks for reading



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