FC2017 – Kagero

As promised in the last article today I’m going to cover Kagero’s new toys in this years fighters collection.Kagero_Icon

Kagero is a clan that needs no introduction and going into this set I was eager to see what bushiroad would give to the clan. Many consider Kagero as the clan with the best G-guards in the game so when it was confirmed we would be getting a new one I was cautiously optimistic, thankfully I wasn’t too disapointed.


Heal and G-guard


Positive Dracokid and Advance Guard Dragon some interesting new tools but do they find space in Kagero’s G-zone?

So starting off Positive is probably the best heal Kagero could’ve gotten considering the selection, countercharge is limited in Kagero but the skills that want it certainly aren’t so I’m more than willing to swap a soul for a CB. Of course this isn’t perfect as several of Kagero’s skills ask for soul with very limited ways to fill it up. So if you plan on using positive to get some extra CB plan ahead.

Next up is advance guard, advance guard has some interesting utility certainly but overall is a little lacklustre. That said his utility certainly earns him a spot in the G-zone as being able to snipe important G1s is always a useful skill to have. Again the soul cost is restrictive especially if you plan on using positive’s skill as well so once again, plan ahead.

The key plays to look at with these two are –

  • Vanilla guarding with advance simply using advance as a 15k block to get a CB back is more than acceptable, I definitely find myself in a position where just 1CB more would put me in a better position so having this option is a welcome adition to the G-zone
  • Gaining “effective shield” – This means simply shooting down a booster, defeat flare already does similar in Overlord but now Blademaster (and seals) have the option too, this almost makes up for the lack of shield gain.
  • Combo blocking – Sometimes the most important units on the field are grade 1s, probably the biggest example of this is Nightrose’s Negrobone the source of her multi-attacks. Advance guard can block the RG being boosted by him and shoot down Bone before it can get another attack in. Other examples of this are the infamous tick tock worker and Commander Laurel but I’m almost certain there are more.

So final conclusion?

Both positive and Advance guard certainly have a home in Kagero’s G-zone, more utility is always  a positive and more than welcome in the clan.

Generation Break 8


Blazing Burst Dragon certainly a familiar face I didn’t see making a return but certainly a welcome one. Blazing burst has a rare ability for Kagero in that it boosts the power of the field. Now positives aside this card does carry some baggage namely the GB8 restriction.

So let’s break down this cards three skills

  1. Field wipe – Presumably you’ll have used a few Taitens going into this card so this skill would mostly have been achieved by striding another, only a few decks frequently fill the board and several of them are quite evasive as well. However a non-targeted mass retire skill will be useful in some matchups and is a nice bonus at the very least.
  2. Field buff – This is the real meat of the skill boosting up the entire field by 10k. Kagero isn’t a clan that can often make high powered columns outside of Blademaster so the leg-up from burst is more than welcome. That said against other decks that carry removal this skill will be hard to capitalise on especially this late in the game. Kagero has few ways to regenerate its board so Burst could potentially be a do-nothing stride.
  3. Crit and power gain – This is mostly an added bonus and there isn’t much to say about it other than it’s nice. Oh and that it will rarely go off against most decks. Ideally by this stage of the game your opponents ranks should be struggling to recover after several turns of mass retire so it’s unlikely there will be 3 units on board to hit and even then this skill is massively telegraphed as it is a GB8. Still that said it is a nice little extra bonus and might help close some games.

So overall burst has a space in the G-zone but it certainly isn’t the amazing game ending GB8 I had been hoping for. Nonetheless Kagero should be able to reach the all important GB8 in most games so maybe burst is just balanced for that.


Stay Positive

So all in all this fighters collection is solid for Kagero nothing amazing and not nearly enough to bring us back into the metagame but certainly a nice bonus. Besides we have GBT-11 to look forward to and as always

thanks for reading



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