Looking at the newest banlist

So as the “spring” circuit comes to a close Bushi has treated us to another banlist, this mostly mimicks Japan’s banlist but with a distinct change, let’s take a look.


Starting from the 31st of July 2017 a deck may only contain 1 copy of “Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow” and “Mick the Ghostie and Family“.

Bushi’s official reasoning is –
“Based on the results of Bushiroad Championship Series 2017 Spring Circuit, we have identified that “Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow” allows Granblue decks to win very consistently and is widely used among players in major tournaments. “Mick the Ghostie and Family” prevents player from decking out, and is able to create a deck with only triggers left. We recognized the influences that it may cause to the tournament environment in the future. Therefore, the above mentioned restriction will be implemented.”

They also go into further detail on Nightcrow by noting it is used in a deck that aims to win the game at a low grade.

Well I have a lot of thoughts on this banlist so I’ll go into card by card and then adress the elephant in the room.

Nighty Night


Turns out free Samurai spirit is actually pretty good

So nightcrow is obviously getting the banhammer to take down 7runner, wait a minute didn’t this already happen?
nightrunnerEarlier this year the star of 7runner was hit to 1 and banned as a starter in a similar attempt to knock the grade 1 rush deck out of the game. Well here we are again, after the support given in Rummy Labrinth the deck saw a resurgence taking advantage of the few new toys it had and the innate advantage of working at G1. And with the second attempt it seems like Bushi has managed to keep the pirates under. If we go off of Japanese results 7runner has taken 1 top since the hit in a team event. But I still want to complain…
There is a very obvious offender that has been crucial to the decks gameplan since its birth Nightspinel.

This card is probably the most important piece of the engine, allowing for easy field recovery and high power columns early. If Bushi had hit this card instead of the initial Nightrunner hit I do believe the deck would have died much sooner, or hell even if they just banned her now. Even if the Crow hit does its job (and it seems like it will) Crow being hit to 1 really hurts classic seven seas and while that deck hasn’t done much recently its still a shame for it to be caught in the crossfire.

Taking the Mick


Another hit to Granblues ranks this time in their effect stand. Joining the ranks of Refros and Ur-watar in the “busted common stand trigger” club Mick takes his hit as a method of weakening the flagship Nightrose build. Specifically Mick served the important job of preventing deck out and also acted as part of a combo with Negrolily to gain a defensive 10k bonus. On top of a powerful skill to making Nightrose’s already potent attacks harder to deal with Mick seems like a safe hit from Bushi taking out a versatile and easy to run unit.
Mick’s main offense if we are to believe Bushi is enabling a combo where you can give +40k to your units (either all on one or spread out) and guarantee triggers on the drive check. Nightrose is very clearly one of the best decks in the current format and even after taking this hit in Japan the deck has still performed well so this seems more like a power check than a needed limitation.


Round of applause


Without a doubt the most controversial part of this balist was the lack of a limitation on Heteroround. First off a quick explanation as to why people are talking about this. When Japan recieved its latest banlist Heteroround was also included with Crow and Mick as being hit to 1 copy per deck. What effect did this have on gears? Well the deck still performed well and although some changes were made to account for it the deck remained mostly unphased (albeit with less defense). Although perhaps more importantly this lead to the rise in prominence of Wiseman decks.


With only 1 round gears were no longer able to stop a double wiseman turn, while Rose’s Lily-canoneer combo suffered similar issues. As a result Wiseman quickly became the deck to beat. This is my best guess as to Bushi’s reasoning on leaving Round alone in the English format, Wiseman could easily be seen as a more “game abusive” deck and auto-losing in one turn leave a bad taste in most players mouths.
That said why Bushiroad instead didn’t limit Round and Ban Wiseman is beyond me but nonetheless I am inclined to believe this is their reasoning regarding the decision they made.

Closing remarks

This banlist was certainly a surprise for me, I didn’t expect us to get the Mick hit and I certainly didn’t expect us to miss out on the Round hit. As it stands Granblue loses another 2 units to Davy Jones locker and the English meta game genuinly diverts from the Japanese one.
The next competetive season is looking to be an interesting one and who knows what kind of new decks could spring up on us come Autumn.
As always –

Thanks for reading


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