Drachma is Not Worth the Doom-saying

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At last the zeroth for the almighty dragon empire has been revealed and it’s… disappointing.

The previously revealed Megiddo set itself up and offered a high pressure turn and for the most part brings something to the table even if its use is for the most part limited.
Drachma on the other hand… well saying it has limited use is being nice.

For this article I’m mostly going to focus on this from a Kagero perspective and although most points should be transferable some may not.


 [Ultimate Stride] (Released when the number of face up cards in your G zone is three or more! When it would return to your G zone, exclude your G zone!)-Stride Step-[Choose a card with the same card name as your vanguard, and discard it] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[AUTO]:[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit is placed on (VC), you may pay the cost. If you do, retire all of your opponent’s units, bind them face up, your opponent chooses three cards from his or her hand, discards two cards from among them, and rides a card from among them on (VC) as [Stand]. (The vanguard is retired as well, he or she rides a card from the soul if there are no cards in the hand. He or she loses the game if it is not possible to do anything)

The skill is pretty simple, retire (and bind) everything and knock some cards out of hand. So right off the bat we’re doing something new, retiring the VG is an incredible sounding skill. Of course to compensate the opponent gets to pick what replaces the previously invulnerable VG. Now obviously situations where the opponent doesn’t have another G3 in hand are going to be especially hard for them to deal with but for the most part its more than likely the opponent is holding onto a G3 for striding anyway. Also worth noting is that there’s no reason your opponent won’t play around this since they also know it exists.

But before I get too into that one aspect lets break this down into 2 main categories –

  • The skill
  • The drawback

Let’s start with the obvious, the drawback. This mostly comes from the conditions of ultimate stride, that being that you lose all G-units, used and unused. What this means is that if you can’t get the kill there and then you lose access to G-break, strides and a primary source of defense. The other drawback is the actual cost of the skill, CB2 is steep especially when you consider drawback 3, the timing. Essentially this card wants set-up and commitment. Asking for CB2 during the ride phase is annoying since it means a lot of CB replenishers can’t be used unless they’re already on the field. Slightly more relevant is that you’re giving up 2CB right there and then, and in Blademaster for example the timing of this skill could even prevent you from regaining that spent resource back due to Nadel’s need to see a rearguard retired.

Ok so that’s the negatives what about the positives, what does this card achieve.

Well first off there’s the complete board wipe, followed by a bind. Some nice synergy going on there by amping up Narukami rears but again losing the G-zone means this doesn’t transition into the later game. As for Kagero if you have your Nadels on field at the time and the opponent has rears at least they proc and it sets up your Mbudis/Jaugos. From there we have the vanguard retire and discard. Obviously if your opponent doesn’t have a 3 this turn becomes way better but let’s be honest that’s a best case scenario and its likely your opponent will play around this if they expect it.
Hitting 3 cards from the hand is nice at least but what most people seem to forget is that asking for more guard achieves much that same thing so cards like Zieg and Burst are basically doing the same thing anyway.
And I’ll humour the people who are going to mention the auto-win. IF you’re in a scenario where your opponent has 2 card in hand and 0 cards in soul you just win but that’s asking for quite a lot.

So when do we want to use Drachma?

  • When your opponent is low on cards, around 4 to 6 or less.
  • When you know what’s in your opponents hand.
  • When you are going to lose either way so you might as well.
  • The auto-win situation.

Well apart from 3 and 4 those are both situations where you can also just Zieg/Dogma/Voltage/Mujin/GB8/etc to achieve much the same thing with a lot less risk.

So that leaves me with one question… when do I want to run this?

Well the answer is you probably don’t. Unless your deck lacks a decent finisher, you need to kill ASAP or you lose or you have an extra space and adding another G-guard/utility stride adds nothing to the deck (which is almost never true). 

Overall this card can maybe score you some wins you wouldn’t otherwise get in rare situations but otherwise this is an alternate finisher with a massive downside.


But hey maybe there’s a combo with old Shiranui and the Nuba breakride in there otherwise…

Thanks for reading 


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