The BWC Europe Continentals 2015 Controversy

Please note I do not intend to editorialise this report in anyway, I have chosen to cover the controversy on the grounds that I believe this information should be easy to find for future reference.

Here I am going to give a brief summary of events however I would like to being this article by denouncing any and all harassment directed towards any of the players mentioned, no one likes a cheater but harassment is a vile and deplorable activity. This event should be archived but that does not mean it should be used as a call to arms.

Yesterday a large controversy erupted in the vanguard community.
Hélène Bourrée a player significant for not only topping at many EU events but also for being the most notable female player was yesterday found to have cheated at BCS continentals 2015.

Popular vanguard blog “CanyousayG” put out an article yesterday that can be read here. The article itself is an interview with Bourrée however this article and the praise given to Bourrée sparked an anonymous person to publicise the following video.

The video itself was originally uploaded in 2015 and shows footage of the 2015 continental qualifier.
In the video Bourrée can be seen putting a heal to the top of her drop zone before placing her hand over it and adding the card to hand.
Along with this video other cheating allegations were made citing more recent events, however as of now these claims are unverified.
The controversy quickly spread, taking over discussion on several discords as well as popular Facebook group Vanguardians.

Bourrée did not make any public response however a screenshot of a private message was shown where she admitted to cheating (the screenshot was posted publicly on Vanguardians)


Later that day her opponent in the video Simon McGoldrick responded on his personal Facebook account.


In this Simon claims that he intended to throw the match and as a result intentionally misplayed as well as ignored the cheating.
He also claims to have deleted previous comments highlighting Bourrée’s cheat in an attempt to prevent the information spreading.

Currently Bushiroad has not taken a stance and are not expected to based on their usual response to events such as these.


UPDATE AS OF 08/02/2017
Bushiroad has decided to issue a two year ban to Bourrée and has also stripped her of her judge title.
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