Gyze – The Rules

Finally it comes, the creator of the zeroth dragons and the ultimate destroyer who will “overturn the common sense of vanguard!”.
And overturn common sense it certainly does.
As well as potential metagame influence and gameplay implications (which I will be looking at in a later article) Gyze has a whole mess of rulings all around it.
So without further ado lets look at the rules surrounding Gyze, I’m going to break this up into three segments rulings around –

  • Neon
  • Deity
  • Deckbuilding

A fair chunk of this will just be lifted from the QnA on the JP Vanguard website so if you’ve already looked at that a lot of this won’t be new, that said I am going to cover some questions I saw come up that weren’t answered in that so hopefully I can answer those.


Rules around Neon Gyze

If you are playing Neon Gyze in your deck you must begin the game using opaque sleeves and Gyze must be in a sleeve matching your main deck.
This isn’t actually anything new as section 2.1.1 of the Bushiroad floor rules already stated this was a requirement.
I don’t thing this needs too much explanation, Gyze is double faced so it’s important you can’t identify the card should it somehow end up in your main deck.

Whenever you check a trigger you may bind a Zeroth dragon.
Yes this includes damage checks and rescue checks, if it enters the trigger zone you can bind a Zeroth.

Neon Gyze does not count to generation break, however it is still a face up card in G-zone.
What this means is that although you will not be able to activate GB skills before striding Gyze does still count as a face up card in G-zone for effects such as, Dragonic Overlord the Ace, Lambros, Sebreeze etc.

If Neon Gyze is turned face down in the G-zone its skills are still active however it is no longer considered a face up card.
This is because the card is considered to be in a face down state even if there is a card on the back. The skills are still active because Gyze only specifies the need to be in the G-zone not to be face up in it. Essentially it functions more like an in deck skill than an on field one.

If you have multiple Neon Gyze in the G-zone you will still only bind 1 Zeroth per trigger.
This is because Gyze changes the triggers skill itself rather than adding a new skill into the game, somewhat similar to the Fenrir strides effect on revelation units.

If Neon Gyze would get locked it is turned face down and is still considered locked.
Somewhat going hand in hand with using Opaque sleeves you can consider Neon Gyze to have a regular cardback until you ultimate stride it.

You can remove Neon Gyze as a part of G assist.
G assist does not specify that G-units need to be removed simply 2 cards from G-zone as a result you can remove Neon Gyze.
If you have a Zeroth dragon bound via Neon Gyze’s skill and G-assist to remove Neon Gyze you will then be able to call the Zeroth with Metapulsar Haung-long’s skill.


Rulings around Dragon Deity of Destruction Gyze

When you ultimate stride Gyze you will have a generation break of 1.
This is because after ultimate striding you can consider Gyze to be a new unit with a regular card back so it is in fact face up. This face of Gyze is only considered to be face down if the card is still in the Neon Gyze form.

When you ultimate stride Gyze you are unable to use a stride bonus skill such as that of Chronojet Dragon Z.
This is due to Gyze removing your vanguard from the game before striding to the vanguard circle.

All units on your field are given protection from all skills and effects of other cards this includes trigger effects and skills that target circles or cards.
Skills that target cards cannot effect your cards on the field as although they are not being targeted as units, the comprehensive rules defines units as cards on the field so as a result the protection persists. Notable examples being Dragonic Overlord “The Destiny”.

When you check a trigger the effect will still resolve and you still select a target for the effect. However your units are unable to receive any of the effects. This means you cannot give any power or critical and cannot stand a rearguard.
Draws and heals will still resolve as the effects of those triggers are to draw a card and choose a card in damage zone and heal it respectively.

When Gyze says any other influence, it basically means everything. Delete, Dominate, non-targeting and damage skills included.
Any outside effect sans your own guardians cannot touch Gyze or the Zeroths on the field.

Skills that lock units from the hand/deck/damage such as those of the Glendios or Chaos strides are able to remove the Zeroths put on the field by Gyze.
This is because the cards placed over the zeroths are not being called as a result the circle they are on becomes overloaded and so ruling action happens, during this action the Zeroth is no longer treated as a unit and as a result is returned to the G-zone (the G-zone is not removed).

If the skill of Lawless Mutant Deity, Obtirandus has been used on the opponents turn preceding the turn in which Gyze is ultimate strided the Zeroth dragons will not be called to the field.
Fairly self explanatory Obtirandus restricts all calls and Gyze specifies that it “calls” the zeroth dragons from bind zone.

The Zeroth dragons can not be attacked regardless of skills such as that of Dragonic Kaiser, Vermillion.
Pretty simple Gyze stops them from being attacked not just targeted for attacks.

If an effect that restricts cards that may be called to the guardian circle is used such as that of Silent Tom, even though Gyze cannot be influenced by card effects you will be unable to guard with the stated cards.
This is because although Gyze cannot be influenced by card effects guard restrict effects that state “your opponent” are not targeting Gyze so the effect is still applied.

Extra effects of your guardians such as those granted by Lizard Soldier, Bellog or Extreme Battler, Headstrong-Battle and perfect guard skills can be applied.
In the case of Headstrong you will be able to move grant a Zeroth the shield power and ability to move to guard circle, afterwards it will be sent to the G-zone.

If your opponent uses the effect of Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo” and pays the cost for its red text skill you will be unable to guard from hand.
Since the Zeroths cannot be retired and Diablo specifies that if they units were not retired as a result you are unable to call cards from hand to guard circle.

Rules Around Deckbuilding

Neon Gyze is not required to be your starting vanguard.

If you run Neon Gyze in your deck you may include any Zeroth dragons in your G-zone regardless of nation.
However you will be unable to ultimate stride a Zeroth that does not match your vanguards nation as stated in section of the comprehensive rules.
What about if my vanguard is Shiranui and I have Stealth Dragon, Tenrei on the field?
If you have Tenrei on field and a vanguard with Shiranui, you will be able to stride a ultimate stride a zeroth corresponding to your opponents vanguards nation.



The End Times Come

Well there you have it.
I have tried to be as comprehensive and clear as possible but if I missed anything let me know and I’ll update this list as soon as I can.
As always…

Thanks for reading 


















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