New era; New Overlord

V-series is fast approaching and with the final G-era reveals, revealed we now move onto the much anticipated V spoilers. Alfred Early gave us a strong showing right out of the gate with that kind of powerhouse in the royal paladin trial deck its hard not to be excited.

Well Bushiroad certainly doesn’t want to dissapoint and despite only being four reveals in an iconic unit has already made an appearance. And what an appearance it is…

Enter the one and only Dragonic Overlord.


(Force gift)
Act VC/RC 1/turn
[SB1], power +10k until the end of the turn.
AUTO VC 1/turn: When attack hits,  [CB1, discard 2], stand this unit, drive -1  until the end of the turn.

Just a quick note that although this wording it seemingly a little vague, V-series will be streamlining the wording on most cards so its likely that “when attack hits” means just Overlord itself’s attack.
For the sake of this analysis I’m going to assume this is the case.

Back to the point, this skill is simple, efficient and brutal. It’s hard to gauge the impact it will have on standard as we have had so few reveals but I will try my best.


A card like this feels like it has to have some kind of impact on any format its in. Force gift combined with the constant threat of a restand is a pretty terrifying concept especially when we’re going back to twin drive.
Personally I can see a similar to the high constant high pressure Overlord has always been well known for. It’s not even unlikely that we could see a shell similar to the original DOTE deck start to form around this card.
The low cost of its own skills leaves a lot of room for other skills to be used even with the higher costs of V-series skills. Reriding to accumulate force gifts pays for the soul cost of the card and 1CB isn’t too hard to come by either.


This isn’t without downside however. Besides being a -1 this card is naturally not a fan of perfect guards or the new protect gift. When playing in standard its likely that you’re going to have to spread out force gifts rather than create a more powerful centre line.
Thankfully +10k is a powerful rearguard skill in its own right and combined with force gifts could still give the tanky protect clans a run for their money.

Overall this card already has build around potential and looks to be a solid contender in standard. With the caveat that we don’t really know what standard entails yet.



Regardless of this cards skill it was likely to make it into the premium version of the deck purely for the gift. Passive 10k in a grindy beat down deck that utilises restanders is nothing to scoff at and certainly helps the deck more effectively apply pressure.
Beyond the gift a 13k base helps against a handful of the more powerful multiattack decks that give Overlord issues, although this may not be as relevant as Destiny’s double retire.

Onto the cards skill itself.

One of the main issues Overlord faces is that it tends to stall at first stride. Excend and Purge are both relatively low impact first stride outside of 5 damage situations and Ace for 4CB is an all in type of play.
This was fine when other first strides were at a similar level but after a few sets things have ramped back up again and having such a low pressure turn can often spell disaster.
This often left Overlord riding up to 3 first and using DOTE to pressure early in a bid to apply mid game pressure. The main issue with this play was that it not only required set-up but often fell flat due to the relative ease in guarding it.
This card operates in a similar niche, offering heavy midgame pressure but this time creating a much more powerful centre column and rewarding you with a gift.

Without the awkward set-up and power issues this becomes a far more effective play and the 13k base creates an effective defence against a lot of the faster and more powerful first strides.



The last point I want to touch on is the far more subjective topic of good design. This card along with Alfred early both strike me as incredibly simple, yet powerful cards. They come across very clearly on first read and has a clear strategy to it. It’s powerful in premium while seeming well balanced in standard.
It’s not often that anything can feel like both an effective call back and something new and fresh but for me this card does just that.
To cap it all off  this card is just plain fun, if Overlord and Early are anything to go by then standard is going to a blast from a gameplay perspective.


New Beginnings

Bushiroad certainly decided to start us off strong with this one and frankly it gets harder to wait for June 8th with each passing day. As a long time player I can’t wait to see what the new versions of other iconic units have in store. As always I greatly appreciate you taking time out of your day to give my stuff a look and…


~Thanks for reading


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