The Cardfight Content Creator Survey – Results!

On the 20th of March I launched a quick survey to gather some information on the type of vanguard content people consume and enjoy. I expected around 50 results but after reaching out to various communities it exploded and after the 3 day run (Relatively short I know) we finished just shy of 250 responses (240 total).

Well after taking the time to process the info I am excited to share with you the results and feedback from the community.

Survey of 240 participants over a 3 day period.
Shared by first party via discord, twitter and reddit.

Creators Followed

Don’t worry that sizeable other section will be broken down in a moment.


This is based on each individual selection i.e 214/240 respondents said that they followed Differentfight’s content.
This question was multiple selection so even if a participant had already answered that they followed Living Proof they could then also answer for Draw the trigger.

What does this show?

Well it’s hard to use this as any direct way to gain information and it mostly just confirms what you would be able to see by looking at subscriber counts. However this can be used to supplement further answers by looking at what each individual wants from their content.

And as a handful of respondents wanted me to know, following someones content doesn’t necessarily mean enjoyment.

Breakdown of “Other”

This consists of content creators with 20 or less mentions, I would’ve put this in the first graph but in the interest of keeping it clear I’m afraid I had to move them.


My only other stipulation was that the content creator named had to be an active content creator (having posted in the last 6 months) and not just a content aggregator or forum.

There was a large portion of content creators with only a single response and as a result I am unable to include them all. This doesn’t mean I don’t believe you a valid content creator simply that as I cannot show them all it would be unfair to only pick some.

Content Enjoyed

This question was another multiple selection and the following numbers show what percentage of participants was interested in each type of content.


The other category of this one was mostly people answering with things that fell into the listed categories with more detail. It was also stated that a lot of people enjoyed commentated videos, box openings and a significant chunk of people who enjoyed comedy or personality driven content.

What does this show?

Well, the type of content people are looking for, as content creators we should create the type of content we ourselves want to but seeing this can help affirm the type of content we love creating.

Favourite Creators

Mostly posting this here for transparency, I primarily asked this question as a way of seeing if there was any correlation between the answers of certain communities.
The answers here a relatively redundant alone as it gives similar information to other results.


On the note of tracking trends, apart from the obvious stuff of enjoying their favourites content there wasn’t a whole lot to be found from this question.

Enjoyed Mediums

This question was a table where each respondent choose how much each type of content appealed to them from the below options. (“Total” shows the number of answers)

Not at all A little bit Neutral Appealing Very appealing Total
Video 1.25% 1.25% 7.92% 37.08% 52.50% 240
Written 3.78% 8.40% 33.61% 32.35% 21.85% 238
Audio 13.98% 11.44% 20.34% 33.05% 21.19% 236

So as we can see video content is by far the most appealing with just over half of the respondents saying they found it very appealing.
Written and audio both have similar levels of appeal being largely appealing but less than half as “very appealing” as video.

What does this show?

It’s pretty clear from the data that video content is the most appealing type of content with almost all participants having a positive view on it.
This makes a lot of sense, a lot of peoples content consumption habits involve going to Youtube so having their content exist there is convenient and therefor more appealing than going off site for written content.
As for audio content such as podcasts it shouldn’t be a surprise that these tend to be a niche interest and have limited appeal. However this seeming lack of appeal could be due to limited options and more popular content creators not producing this type of content.

Elements of Content

Participants were asked “how important is each element of content you enjoy?” and asked to choose from the options on the table.

Column1 Not at all A little Somewhat Important Very important total
Short 23.01% 14.64% 39.75% 16.74% 5.86% 239
Informative 0.00% 2.10% 7.14% 32.35% 58.40% 238
Good Visuals 4.22% 8.86% 32.91% 32.91% 21.10% 237
Easy to refer back to 4.22% 5.44% 15.90% 40.59% 35.15% 239
Interaction from content creator 10.08% 13.03% 25.63% 24.79% 26.47% 238

Pretty clear cut here people want content that they can learn from and refer back to. Length is mostly unimportant and interaction and visuals are good to have but not mandatory.

What does this show?

Information is key! People want to hear what you have to say and learn what you know. From the looks of it people want resources that they can use to grow as players.
Interesting to me is the lack of care about creator interaction I definitely expected a stronger response to that. It is worth note though that 25% is still a pretty decent chunk of people so don’t go cold shouldering your audience.

What Could Be Done Better?

No fancy graph here just a whole load of individual data, participants were given an analogue question and response were varied but there are definitely some standouts.

Question 6

You can view all the responses here be aware some of these responses are a little rude but I’m sure you can handle it if you’re already dealing with the internet. I want to also make it clear that these views are *not* shared by Cardfight-EXP or myself and I have simply published the unedited data.
I trust my readers to behave but just in case please note that the creators mentioned in these answers in no way deserve to be harassed or attacked.

What does this show?

Well looking at responses that pop up multiple times the most common answer seems to be about click bait and rushed content, people don’t want it. I can’t say this is always reflected in practice though as often videos that could be seen that way perform well regardless. That said maybe this suggests some kind of viewership bubble and it never hurts to diversify your content a little.

Aside from that people also really want more regularity. I can definitely say my own numbers reflect this, during periods of regular uploads my content receives much higher view counts and more unique visitors. Although with this in mind most vanguard content creators do it as a hobby currently as for most it is not financially responsible to focus more time on content creation. Not as if that invalidates the want for regularity but it is an issue that we content creators may have to try and find a solution to.

Other that that responses vary with some people wanting more collaboration between creators, some wanting podcasts and a handful of people who think that it all sucks.
Oh well can’t please everyone.

What is Being Done Well?

After a somewhat harsh but mostly constructive critique style question it’s good to know what people already like as it helps to form a more well rounded improvement plan. Please keep in mind the responses are not all from the same participants as the previous question.

Question 7

Well there’s something of a mixed bag, I’m not gonna analyse this since a lot of it is specific but…

What does this show?

It shows us that a fair few people are not satisfied with the current content that is being created.

Hopefully the data presented here can be used to help change that in future.

What Type of Player Are You?

Next I asked if  respondents considered themselves competitive or casual players.


Really even split here which is pretty interesting.

What does this show?

Well there isn’t much to say when it’s this even there seems to only be a very slight majority of competitive players.
Essentially you can probably make content for either type of player and be fine.

When Did You Start Playing?

Again this was an analogue question and the results are relatively varied.

Question 9

I mostly asked this question to see if there was any trends between starting date and content enjoyed but I couldn’t really find any.


Lastly I asked what gender respondents identified with. Of the 240 participants 16 choose not to respond to this question.



Simple demographic question here use it as you will.


Complete Data 

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4 

 Question 5

 Question 6

Question 7

Question 8

 Question 9

Question 10


Evaluation of Method

To start with although 240 responses is a staggering number it far from represents all vanguard content consumers. Although I genuinely believe that this data is of use to content creators there is obviously gaps in the data and for a more accurate survey in future more results would be desired.

It can also be said that as the survey was shared within certain communities directly the opinions of those communities could have stronger representation in the results.
As stated earlier the survey was shared directly by me on r/cardfightvanguard Cardfight-EXP’s twitter and in Living Proof, r/cardfightvanguard and Team Absolution’s discord servers.
I also reached out to DifferentFight and asked him to share it and so it was shared to his community via his discord server and twitter.
Other than that any other sharing was via word of mouth, internal sharing and other parties signal boosting in some way.

Upon repeating this survey I would make greater efforts to obtain more data as well as have more streamlined questions with less analogue responses to allow for easier data collection.

Closing Remarks

Thank you to everyone that took part and anyone who shared the survey, I am incredibly grateful for the amazing response to the survey.

I hope that this data can be used by all aspiring and established content creators to improve their content and as a result help grow the community.

Whether I repeat this survey in future or not is up in the air at the moment but I do believe a more thorough follow up would be beneficial especially to gauge if this survey has had any form of impact.

Thank you all very much for reading and I hope this data is useful to you all I greatly appreciate any and all support, whether you simply read this article or look at other content on the site I hope you have found it useful.


Thank you for participating!




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