Retiring from Vanguard

Way back in 2011 a friend on an online gaming website convinced me to tryout a new game that had sprung up on said site. Eventually I gave in and vanguard became a pretty big part of my life for the next 7 years.

While that game eventually died my passion for vanguard didn’t and I continued to play in a relatively casual capacity until I stopped actively following the game. However in the summer of 2015 I managed to convince a few friends to give the game a shot again and I was just as hooked as I was before…

In late 2016 I started Cardfight-EXP to fill a gap that at the time I felt needed it, competitive vanguard content. There were some great resources at the time in video form but as someone who personally prefers written content I was confident I could add something to the discussion. And so EXP came to be.
Over these past 2 years(ish) I have put out plenty of content that I am still proud of and it has always brought a smile to my face when I receive feedback or requests from people who have enjoyed my content and learned something from it.

So why leave?
Quite simply I think I want to move on. I have my frustrations with vanguard as a whole and Bushiroad in general is a company I often roll my eyes at. However that isn’t the reason I’m leaving I think standard is an excellent base to build from and Bushi is making some improvements in the other aspects of the game (good shop promos, better print runs and more communication!) despite this vanguard doesn’t grab me the way it once did.
I’m glad for the experience vanguard has given me and I’m definitely glad I clicked that link all those years ago.

I greatly appreciate all the support that every single reader has given me and I hope that even as they age the articles I leave behind are worthwhile.

Seeing the small improvement that Bushiroad is making all around make me optimistic that the game will continue to grow but that doesn’t mean let them off the hook when they mess up.
Being critical isn’t just about being negative!

It might seem hollow but the cheesy sign off at the end of each article is 100% sincere, taking time out of your day to read the words I put to the page means a lot to me.
7 years ago I flipped my vanguard face up for the first time and for now its going to stay face down.

so for the final time…


~Thank you very much for reading – Dryden 



Art used – “Path to exile” by Raf Sarmento for Wizards of the coast


  1. I’ve never commented on your articles before but I’ve been reading it for quite some time. You produce some of the most amazing Vanguard centric stuff in my opinion and I really looked forward to your new articles. It’s a shame you’re quitting but I hope you do well in your other endeavours. Just know you’ve inspired other players and content creators with your work.


    1. I don’t have much to say here other than thank you, I’m really glad you enjoyed my work and knowing that even one person enjoyed what I wrote in that way is awesome.
      Sorry for taking a while to respond (and then not really having much to say after that) I haven’t looked at the site too much recently.


  2. Hey man, I just discovered your articles when looking for a good, concise explanation/opinion on the V-Reboot. Thought it was very well written, the website was clean as heck and even just the images used for each article were top notch! It’s sad to see that you are moving on from this, but I wish you the best for the future!

    If I may ask, how can we follow you to any other endeavours you might have regarding writing articles like this for whatever your next hook will be?


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